Career Opportunities In Accounting Profession

If you want to start a professional career you can study accounting. It is one of the safest ways. You can start any business career after learning essential business skills. It is really a very smart choice to start your career in accounting.

Using this profession anyone can get significant growth in the industry. Anyone can get a medium to high salary after choosing this profession. In the market, there is always a demand for qualified accounting professionals. When you decide that you will start your career in this field, you will be able to find how big and more diverse this field is than you might have thought. Now you have to read the pros and cons of career opportunities in this profession.

Pros of Accounting Profession-

Some people thought that accounting has become outdated in the market. But this thought is totally wrong. If you are looking for a stable job, accounting is a great option for you. Now please read thoroughly why you should choose to account-

  1. Better Job Opportunities– Nowadays technology creates a variety of jobs in the accounting industry. Now with the advancements in automation, business needs accountants to explain ever-changing regulations and complex tax laws. For making informed business decisions accountants plays a vital role in an organization. They help to decode and manage financial information. So, in every industry, there is always a scope for getting a job as an accountant.
  2. Ample Number of Roles and Industries– Every organization needs an accounting expert. So, by this, you can easily understand that this is a flexible career option. You will a get chance to work with your dream company. On the other hand, if you have an accounting firm, you can choose a variety of clients. You can also experience different types of job roles like-

             i) Forensic accounting,

             ii) Tax accounting,

             iii) Internal auditing,

             iv) Cost accounting,

             v) Financial reporting

  3. Growth– Within the accounting industry, you can get enough opportunities. If you have some years of experience in a variety of roles, you can move to the management level also. Many companies offered CEO and CFO or other corporate executives roles from an accounting background.
  4. Good Salary Package– For an accountant, the average salary is £51,200 in 2022. Companies understand that accountant qualifications demand higher salaries and they are ready to pay for that. If you want to increase your pay you may do additional training.   
  5. No Career Ceilings- There are plenty of career paths available for accountants, from the government to public accounting, non-profit and corporate accounting, academia, etc. There are also many specialists in accounting. So, it can give you a larger number of career opportunities.
  6. Freedom- If you do not want to work for any company and want to be your own boss, you can start your own firm. So, you also can get the freedom of work.    

Cons of Accounting Profession-

Like other industries, this profession also has a drawback, which are-

  1. This is a very challenging profession. So, sometimes it can be stressful for you,
  2. In most offices accountants work in office environments. So less traveling opportunities for you,
  3. To be successful you have to gain more knowledge and will have to do more courses,
  4. You also may face heavy working loads at specific points during the year,
  5. You have to be strong in statistics and math. So if you don’t like these subjects, it may be stressful for you.

Final Thoughts

In this field, you can get plenty of career opportunities. You can work in various industries with good pay. So, a career in accounting can be a great career path for you.