Terms & Conditions

The work placement may possibly lead to a permanent salaried position.

Inner Outer expects you to attain for your training sessions according to the scheduled times.

Inner Outer does not take any responsibility for your personal stuffs at the training center. You are expected to keep your personal stuffs securely.

Inner Outer expects hygiene from all applicants. You will need to clear your workplace before you leave the center.

Once you have started the training there will be no repayment available. All cancellations must be in writing: by Email: (put email address) and in each case, you must state your name, the course details and say that you would like to cancel your course.

This policy is applicable to any postponement of training you do with Inner Outer.

Along with the professional training, the goals Inner Outer is to positively present appropriate candidates to fill suitable employment vacancies with the client. These general terms and conditions are valid for and applicable to all recruitment contracts for permanent placements between Inner Outer and the Client. 

Fees & Expenses:

Only when client agreements to hire an applicant hosted by Inner Outer, s/he shall be accountable for any fees for recruitment services rendered by Inner Outer. The fees for a successfully decided placement by Inner Outer are due upon contract on the employment of an applicant lead by Inner Outer, by the client and calculated based on the total yearly gross salary of the candidate, as specified in the agreement of work.

Any charges arising or additional examinations and advertising, etc. will be charged to the client on a cost only basis – regardless of whether an employment agreement is concluded between the Candidate and the Client or not.

Applicant’s prospective traveling expenditures and extra expenditures shall be borne directly by the client. Unless otherwise agreed, Inner Outer Recruitment does not repay applicants for traveling and out-of-pocket expenditures in connection with attend an interview with the client. There will be no reimbursing of any payments and/or expenditures to the Client in any occasion. 


An Applicant’s résumé is delivered in strict confidence to the Client only for its information. The Client undertakes to save all personal info relating to applicants in strict confidence and not to reveal such data to any third parties without the prior written agreement by Inner Outer. Direct references on the applicant may only be requested by the Client upon the prior written consent by the applicant.

Temporary Employment:

Inner Outer is free to submit the applicants’ résumé to other clients until it has been informed by the client that an employment agreement has been concluded with the applicant.

Imbursement Conditions:

The fee and the expenditures (Fees, Expenses) overhead are due upon conclusion of an employment agreement between the client and the applicant presented by Inner Outer.

In the occasion of late payment Inner Outer is entitled to charge interest on all unpaid invoices. The client is further accountable to repay Inner Outer for all expenditures arising out of or related to such delay (management charges, legal charges, collection organization charges etc.).

Place of Performance, Relevant Law and Jurisdiction:

Service of any correspondence and other deliveries must be addressed to the registered address of Inner Outer Melbourne, Victoria.

The recruitment agreement is administered by the basic laws of Australia.