Case Study- How to Establish Yourself in a New Role


When you are getting a promotion, then it can be a huge boost to your career and you will get a chance to shine. Reflect on the goals that you would like to accomplish. Remember this before you start a new position. Do you always have to think that how you will utilize this opportunity? Do you want to gain experience after working with a particular team or do you want to magnify your project management skills? These thoughts not only help you to meet the needs of your team but also help to develop relationships with your colleagues and gain recognition for being a strong collaborator. 


It is true that many people want to do meaningful work and everyone wants a promotion. So you have to know the basic challenges which you will face when you establish yourself in a new role. The challenges are- 

  1. Relationships– You have to build relationships with your manager, peers, and with any direct reports. Always be a good listener. So, it will be easier for you to gain trust from your subordinates as well as from your boss.
  2. Requirement of Your Boss– You have to understand what your boss wants from you. Your objectives should be measurable, specific, realistic, achievable, and timely. It is necessary to maintain a framework of well-formulated objectives between you and your boss. Then you, your team and the company don’t in the wrong direction.
  3. Mindset– When you move into a new leadership role you will experience various personal challenges which are the same as team-based challenges. So, you have to make a mindset for this and have to be ready for different situations.  
  4. Skills and Domain– When an employee has been promoted, many times there is a gap between the individual’s existing strengths and skills and those required for the new role. So, you have to be familiar with the expectations of your new role. 


The solutions for these challenges are as follows- 

  1. Reliability– You have to make yourself available for many new projects and always have to meet project deadlines. Then you will get more responsibility and you can perfectly establish a new role.
  2. Good Listener– Always have to good listener in spite of whether he is your manager or he is a new employee of your team. Also, always try to solve any problem of your subordinates. Thus, you can be an upcoming leader and successfully establish a new role.
  3. Proper Communication– It is a vital aspect when anyone accepts a newly created role. You have to consider something like how and when you will communicate with your manager? Will be there regular touch bases? Proper communication is mandatory to run a business smoothly.\
  4. Position Description– You have to keep your eyes widely open when your job role will be explained to you. Without a proper understanding of your work type, you can’t give your best and could not get attention from your boss. So, you have to have a clear view of your job description.


To be starting a new role, everyone has felt scared at some point in their career. After following the above points you can shape yourself into a position that everyone wants to be in. Lastly, remember you have potential and you can do it. Best of luck.