How to get ready for the Second Interview for the Job

You made it through the first round of job interviews, which is a great mark that the job poster is considering employing you.

At this time, your second interview is impending – and the burden is on. How can you go in ready for achievement and land that job proposal you’re expecting for?

 We’ve got certain great tips to assist you.      

  1. Remember First Impressions Matter

If it’s a face-to-face interview, have your clothes laid out the night before. For Zoom or remote interviews, ensure you set up in a quiet area without interruptions, test the internet and sound before the interview, and use a professional virtual background if possible.  

  1. Find out who’ll be Interviewing You

If you know the names of the people who will be interviewing you, do an online search on them to learn more about their professional backgrounds and what they talk about on social media. If you discover that you’ve got something interesting in common—a common passion—you’ll certainly want to use that in your meeting. 

  1. Do As Much Preparation As You Can

Before your second interview, ensure you take the time to do certain thorough preparation. Be ready for more thorough questions relating to several aspects of the role.

  1. Let them Mention the Salary

You want to know about money – and you should have clear expectations of what the role recompenses before getting to this point, or else you’re just wasting your time. This will usually talk over with the recruiter or by doing your research before by plugging the job title into a website like Glassdoor or Payscale. Both of these will give you a rough approximation of the salary for that role in Australia.

However, when it comes to talking money, let the interviewer bring it up – and don’t start the discussion unless you’re asked specifically for your salary expectations. It might be that the company process is to decide after the second interview, then make you an offer.

  1. Make Sure You’re Remembered Later

If you’re being interviewed in person, carrying additional copies of your résumé to hand out to all the interviewers is always a good touch and shows you’re organized.

Always express thanks to your interviewer after you’ve left. Message them after you drop off your note. The more contact you have, the more you remain in their minds over the other candidates. It shows you’re considerate, interested, and that you care.

Good luck with getting the job!