Ways To Choose Top Talent in Diligent Industry

Nowadays it is too tough to find the absolute right talent for your position. Finding top talent is rare. But what is the reason that makes them choose one company over another? It’s been a tough year and we all are hearing it everywhere that there is a dearth of good candidates like hen’s teeth at the moment. It does not matter that if you have ticked all the boxes, you are clear about the role, you have a great recruitment process in place and you are marketing your positions properly, it is still really hard for the talent acquisition team to find great people.

Why do you need the best talent acquisition strategies?

Over the last three years, two-thirds of Australian companies have seen an increase in employee turnover. This is an alarming statistic. But what causes high turnover in Australian companies and how can you tackle it on your own? The truth is often hard to face. Happy employees don’t leave their employers. Australian CEOs need to give their employees what they need if they want to recruit and retain the best talent via a talent acquisition team.

Benefits of recruiting strategies for the talent acquisition team

Let’s see how you can increase your chances of finding the top talent for your company.

  1. Offer Sign-On Bonuses– When the market is really heated, sign-on bonuses are quite common in certain roles and certain industries. This talent acquisition strategy is one of the best ways to convince a candidate to decide to come on board, especially in smaller firms. Another area where sign-on bonuses can work really well is for roles where you can hire people that have downsized their life. Perhaps they’ve moved to part-time work but are happy to spend a few extra days elsewhere, or perhaps they’ve joined the gig economy or started freelancing.
  2. Ask for Employee Referrals– People often say that referrals are the easiest way to get new clients because there is social proof and trust. When someone is referred to you, people feel like they know something about you, and also they have got the inside scoop.
  3. Tap on Your Previous Employees– As we saw in the Boomerang employee post, if you have a process for keeping in touch with previous employees, now is the time to use it. Get back to them and see if they’re looking for a change or if they know someone you can connect with.
  4. Use your Social Accounts– Most companies will post a job advertisement on a job board and then post a link on LinkedIn. The problem is that many people are not going to see it because LinkedIn doesn’t like links to external websites. As a result, it suppresses the post. So, keep posting the advertisement regularly on LinkedIn, and post the job advertisement across all of your social channels, whether that’s Facebook or Twitter.
  5. Redesign the Role– Everyone wants experienced workers, but sometimes they aren’t available at the price you can afford. We’re seeing a lot of that in some industries at the moment, where early-career roles are paid handsomely by big companies. If you are not in a position to be able to match those rates, redesigning a role is a great option for you. You can reshape your role as a traineeship, graduate position, or apprenticeship.

For a more stable business, healthier company culture, and better profit margins, Australian companies need to look at their recruitment strategies and current retention. A deep dive into the reasons behind employee turnover is just the beginning, you need to take structured steps towards improvement.